The Story of Fish and Snail

Every day, Snail waits for Fish to come home with a story.

Today, Fish's story (about pirates!) is too grand to simply be told: Fish wants to show Snail. But that would mean leaving the familiar world of their book – a scary prospect for Snail, who would rather stay safely at home and pretend to be kittens. Fish scoffs that cats are boring; Snail snaps back. Is this book too small for the two feuding friends? Could this be THE END of The Story of Fish and Snail?

Deborah Freedman, author of Blue Chicken, has created a sweet and playful story about friendship that truly jumps off the page.

Viking Children's Books 2013
ISBN: 978-0670784899

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"The theme of books as doorways into rich new adventures couldn’t be more vividly conveyed, and the resolution of the conflict between two sweet friends provides encouragement for other “snails” to try new things."
Publishers Weekly

"Right from the title page, Freedman's latest makes a splash... This marvelous metabook shines in both concept and beauty."
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"It's meta for beginners, and even if the surreality may float over young heads, they'll relate to the story of friends with differences. Freedman's paintings, brimming with raucous, three-dimensional splashes of color, bring to mind David Wiesner's Art & Max."
New York Times Book Review, Pamela Paul

"This is an odd, sweet little story..."
School Library Journal


The Story of Fish and Snail

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