This House Was Once Paper...

I always have fun drawing and painting with children at schools, libraries, bookstores & festivals... whether splashing blue paint á la Blue Chicken, or simply drawing and making up stories.

Since This House, Once was released, we have been making "houses" together, and I thought I'd share this little project because it is engaging and so super-simple (and not messy!). We just fold paper or card stock in half, cut and fold a door — and then kids can draw, color, decorate inside and out. For the littlest house-makers, you can do the cutting and folding.

Take a look at these houses — and then try it!

Chatting about This House, Once

In anticipation of the publication of This House Once, I had the honor of chatting recently with two wonderful picturebook friends about my newest book. We talked about things like inspiration, making one's home an art-friendly environment, and if I weren't writing books, what would I be doing? You can read those interviews here:

©Deborah Freedman 2017,  This House, Once , Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

©Deborah Freedman 2017, This House, Once, Atheneum Books for Young Readers.