I Wanna Genius Too!


"... I became conscious that I was being haunted by a strange genius... Where he came from I cannot tell. At some time in his existence he must have wandered long in Alice's Wonderland... He was sincerity itself, and he had the simplicity of a child combined with the wisdom of old father William. No mortal could compare with him for ingenuity and inventiveness. He could do wonderful things with a piece of knotted string. There was one thing he lacked and that was a sense of humour; perhaps this was not a loss, for strangely enough it made him all the more humorous. It seemed wrong, however, to laugh at one so earnest, so guileless and free from cynicism, but at times he was irresistible. Fortunately, he was far too busy to care whether I laughed or not."


from W. Heath Robinson, My Line of Life, 1938 Illustration © W. Heath Robinson

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