About that To-Read List...

Confession: I am a compulsive list-maker. I love making to-do lists and find crossing items off with a fat, black marker ridiculously satisfying. But some lists have a way of growing and never shrinking, and my to-read list is the worst of those. So for that, I use Goodreads. It helps me keep my reading life organized in to-read, read, and a bunch of other lists of my choosing. I don’t rate new books there and have chosen not to add books that I really didn’t like or felt ‘meh’ about, but I do make occasional notes about books I’ve enjoyed, and I love seeing what others are reading and recommending. 

Oh, and one more thing about Goodreads? GIVEAWAYS.

Do you do Goodreads?

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Shy by Deborah Freedman


by Deborah Freedman

Giveaway ends September 27, 2016.

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