Deborah loves spending time with her readers. She believes that a well-planned author visit can be an inspiring experience for students, teachers, and the author! Her programs vary depending on the size, ages, and needs of your group. They range from simple storytimes to engaging school presentations in which she “shows and tells” her process — how she writes with words and pictures and turns an idea into a finished book.

Please contact Deborah for more information about her Author Visits. She is also happy to speak with adults.

The children could not stop talking about you and your work after you left. Your thoughts/struggles/and joys spoke so directly to their experiences... Your passion fueled their work throughout the rest of the week... Thank you for providing that for our writers, and for being so warm and open to them.
— Katy Botta, Kindergarten Teacher, New Haven
Deborah is so engaging with children and adults. She has a calm energy that reminds me of her books, SHY and THIS HOUSE, ONCE. While reading, she not only captivates the children with her story and art, she’s also teaching the children about the different parts of a book. I can’t say enough about how wonderful and lovely Deborah Freedman and her words and art are!
— Kim Campbell, Youth Librarian, Maine
You were so engaging and they were absolutely spellbound... the next day children were experimenting with paint and brushes and straws!
— Laura Altshul, Horizons at Foote